Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

Friday, July 15, 2011

Recently I read that ginger tea can help with weight loss as it promotes better blood circulation and keeps the body warm, especially in the stomach area for women.  An author from a book that I just read studied that for those who are heavier in the lower half of the body (pear shaped ladies?) should drink ginger tea to help circulation and aid in the process of burning fat when working out. I guess this is great for all of you ladies who have desk jobs. It's difficult to keep your bum tight and in shape when you're sitting in a chair for at least 7-8 hours a day right? I never had a desk job before but I noticed that my bum was getting pudgier when I was in school. I had to sit in a hard chair for hours at a time and then come home to sit in my chair again to study! I had to force myself to go on the stairmaster at the gym to "lift" my bum and then do a hundred squats. hahaha. I wish I knew about the benefits of ginger tea sooner so it could help burn my fat in all the right areas more quickly!

Before I can go on and on about how beneficial ginger tea is for our health and why you need to start drinking it NOW, let me just list the benefits for you below.
In a nutshell, ginger tea:
  • Helps digestive processes
  • Combats inflammation
  • Combats motion sickness as well as morning sickness for y'all who are preggers
  • Eases the pain of muscle aches (and soreness) for those who work out a lot ;)
  • Helps prevent colon and ovarian cancer
  • Relieves heartburn
  • Relieves menstrual cramps, gas, and bloating!! (In Chinese medicine, ginger tea + brown sugar is used to help relieve menstrual cramps)
  • Relieves headaches and nausea
  • Increases circulation: wakes you up (good for those who have to do all-nighters!!) and gets vitamins to all parts of your body
  • Lowers harmful (LDL) cholesterol
  • Refreshes your mouth and can be used against bad breath
  • Has natural anti-stress qualities
  • Helps fight colds and flues (loosens up phlegm and expands your lungs so you can recover quickly from difficulty in breathing)
  • Strengthens your immune system with all the antioxidants
  • Helps regulate glucose levels for those who have diabetes (drink it first thing in the morning)

After doing all this massive research about ginger tea, I bought all the ingredients to make my own. As you can see, I am totally into making my own organic homemade teas these days. 

Ingredients you'll need:
1. 1 lb. of ginger (should cost you less than $2)
2. Organic Brown Sugar 
(no white sugar, it defeats the purpose so throw that junk out please)
3. Jar

2 hours later. Voila~!

Directions for Drinking Ginger Tea:
1. Boil hot water
2. Place the lovely ginger mix into a cup
3. Pour hot water in

1. I like to add my ginger mix into my black tea (english breakfast tea)
to diminish the strong taste and scent of ginger. 
Sometimes I like to add a tiny bit of soy milk in it to make it my own
English breakfast tea/ginger Latte!! :) Delicious!! 

2. If you want to be hardcore, you can try boiling ginger and dates in hot water. Don't add anything.
Let it cool a bit and drink up! (About 2 cups a day is ideal, any more than that…you might burn a hole in your stomach! hahaha jk).

If you are pregnant, have stomach problems or are on medication, please advise your doctor before you start drinking ginger tea. Side effects could include heartburn or upset stomach or diarrhea when taken in large amounts. Note that these side effects are only due to overconsumption. 
Ginger is pretty strong yo!!! Take it in moderation. :) 

Other than that, enjoy!!!


  1. thank you for your sharing, i will try it today

  2. Hi, when u let the ginger+brown sugar mixture sit for 5+ days, it produces its own liquid? How do you consume it? Do u add hot water to dilute it or u just drink it on it's own? It doesn't ferment? Lol...sorry, I am being silly here but I am just curious about your method of making the ginger tea.

  3. Oops! I edited my post above. Add hot water and enjoy! (see my drinking options above). If you leave it out in warm weather, it's going to start bubbling up so put it in your fridge. :)